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MAY 2014

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Peo ple in the News 34 SeaFood Business May 2014 Visit us online at American Marine Ingredients American Seafoods in Seat- tle named John Cummings president of its subsidiary American Marine Ingredi- ents. In the newly created po- sition, Cummings leads the company in developing and bringing to market ingredi- ents derived from American Seafoods' harvest of sustain- able fsheries in Alaska and the Pacifc Northwest. Cum- mings previously served as president of American Pride Seafoods for 11 years. Bumble Bee Foods Celebrity chef Doreen Colondres has partnered with Bumble Bee Foods in San Diego to become the company's exclusive chef partner and brand ambassa- dor. In this role, Colondres, who is known for promot- ing Latin American cuisine through her brand and web- site La Cocina No Muerde (Te Kitchen Doesn't Bite) Product Update burgers are enriched with omega-3 fatty acids and made of octopus (Octopus vulgaris) and New Zealand arrow squid (Nototodarus sloanii) and a proprietary mix of herbs and spices. Contact Freskot USA at (855) 373-7568 or visit Let them eat cake Phillips Foodservice added six new flavored cakes to its portfolio. Te new prod- ucts include Dungeness Crab Cakes, Salmon Cakes, Zesty Tuna Burgers, Lobster Cakes, Spicy Shrimp Cakes and Latin Cakes. Tey are avail- able in 4-ounce, 3.25-ounce, 3-ounce and 0.75-ounce sizes and can be baked, pan- sautéed or fried. Tey can be served as an entrée, as an appetizer or sandwich, or à la productivity. Te NEMA 4X panel houses core electronics and is remotely located from the scale, eliminating any possibility of water infltra- tion during cleaning. Con- tact WeighPack Systems at (888) 934-4472 or visit www. VALUE-ADDED Octo-burger Imported from Greece, Fres- kot USA's seafood burgers are intended to be a healthier alternative to red meat, with identical look, preparation and serving methods. Te carte to enhance other menu items. Phillips Foodservice also introduced a new Flavor Cake Variety Pack, which includes a combination of 25 each of four mini cakes (0.75 ounces), including Lobster Minis, Spicy Shrimp Minis, Zesty Tuna Minis and Chesa- peake Crab Cake Minis. Te bite-sized portions allow op- erators to leverage the popu- larity of sharing, bar bites and small plates. Contact Phillips Foodservice at (888) 234- 2722 or visit www.phillips and appearances on FoxLife television, is creating new recipes for Bumble Bee to promote healthful cooking and eating. Te company frst worked with Colon- dres last year to connect the brand to a growing Hispanic market in the United States. Handy International Rob Lux was promoted to VP-club channel for Handy International in Salisbury, Md. He joined Handy in March 2013 with extensive experience in selling food products to both club and retail stores, which includes positions at ConAgra Foods and AdvancePierre Foods. Catalina Offshore Products Nathan Phillips is general manager for Catalina Of- shore Products, overseeing staf and day-to-day op- erations for the San Diego wholesaler and retailer. Phil- lips has more than 30 years of manage- ment experi- ence in hos- pitality and foodservice, most recent- ly working for Compass Group. In his executive roles with Compass Group afliates, Phillips provided consulting and planning support to Microsoft Corp., JP Morgan Chase and WaMu (previously Washing- ton Mutual). Harvest Select Catfsh Louis "Louie" Thompson joined Harvest Select Cat- fsh in Uniontown, Ala., as the hatchery manager for the company's Inverness, Miss., operation. He is a lifelong catfsh farmer and has been involved with Tompson Fisheries since the 1970s. Tompson also has experi- ence in propagation and rearing of other species such as Asian carp, koi, game fsh species and other native species of fsh. He has served as president of the Catfsh Farmers of Missis- sippi for three terms and as president of the Catfsh Farmers of America. True North Salmon Rick Moonen is brand am- bassador for True North Salmon in Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick. Moonen, a celebrated chef known for supporting sustainable seafood and chef-owner of RM Seafood in Las Vegas, is a founding member of the Chef 's Coalition and Seafood Choices Alliance. As brand ambassador, Moonen promotes True North Salmon through on- line content, videos, recipes and appearances. PROCESSING Scale mixes-a-lot Te PrimoCombi 24-head combination scale from WeighPack Sys- tems is designed to automatically weigh, mix and dispense two to four products at a time, making it ideal for blending frozen foods, vegetables, fruits, con- fections, snack foods, ingre- dients and more. Te scale's open frame design provides access to all components, and can be stripped to its core in minutes. Individual chutes beneath each head eliminate product spiraling to increase 34_PeopleProducts_may.indd 34 4/16/14 8:20 AM

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