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APR 2014

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Visit us online at April 2014 SeaFood Business 53 Seafood Market place Trans-Ocean offers 3 varieties of Natu- rally Smoked Salmon in attractive retail packaging. New York Style and Cracked Pepper Style feature Atlantic salmon that has been slow-smoked for rich, savory favor. Wild Alaska Sockeye is 100% wild caught salmon with a rich, smoky taste. Please call 800-290-2722 or visit for more information. Trans-Ocean Products Look for this symbol on quality products produced, packed or processed in North Carolina. For a free directory of ocean, farmraised and shellfish available from North Carolina contact the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services at 252-331-4773. NC Dept. of Agriculture Since 1921 LASCCO has provided the finest smoked and specialty seafood, combining outstanding quality, best- in-class packaging, extended shelf life, and frozen logistics. All products are OU Kosher certified. 206.285.6800 Seattle, WA Ocean Beauty Seafoods Sea Watch Seafood Stuffng is a delicious culinary tool that has many applications for a typical menu. We have blended clams, crab and lobster together with breadcrumbs, herbs, spices and a little cheese. The seafood content is over 40% adding great favor and a tremendous value. 410-822-7500 Easton, MD Sea Watch International Making waves in the refrigerated seafood section, Phillips restaurant- inspired, heat & eat To Go entrées combine the premium quality consumers expect with the extended shelf life retailers need. Contact info: (443) 263-1200 — 888-234-CRAB Baltimore, MD Phillips Foods Foods From the Sea Pasteurized Crabmeat is cooked from live Blue Swimming Crab. It is handpicked to be virtually shell free and triple quality checked. Choose from a variety of products including Colossal and Jumbo Lump. Call 800-390-5103, email or visit us at Stavis Seafoods Tampa Bay Fisheries is a privately held company that specializes in quality private label seafood. We have two domestic production facilities in the Tampa area. TBF ships 1.5+ million pounds of seafood per week making us one of the largest private label breaded seafood companies in the United States. We offer a complete assortment of private labeled products in fresh and frozen seafood. Contact us: or 1-800-SEAFOOD Tampa Bay Fisheries Work Smarter and More Efficiently. Reduce Man Hours. Lower Costs. Seasoft ERP Software for Seafood Processors and Distributors 800-422-4782 Seasoft New Salmon Tempura (Satsuma Age) Deep fried - Fully Cooked - With vegetables - Lower fat alternative to battered products - Applications: Bento Boxes, Poki, Soba, Udon - Excellent with your favorite dipping sauce - Good buffet item. (800) 935-6464 Shining Ocean Peru: A Key Player for Seafood With 1500 miles of coastline, this country has a wide variety of seafood, the most important species being mahimahi, giant squid and scallops. These products are complemented by farm-raised species like freshwater trout and Paiche. Peru is an important source of wild and farmed seafood products. Contact the Trade Commission of Peru at (310) 496-7411 or email us at Trade Commision of Peru NEW! SEALEGS ® Ultimate ™ Sushi Leg is perfect for California rolls and other types of western-style sushi. It can also be chopped or shredded for a multitude of applications. Contact us: or 1-800-367-6065 Trident Seafoods Tropical's growing product line includes: fresh and frozen Ecuadorian and Colombian Tilapia, fresh and frozen Blue Foot White Shrimp, fresh Organic Irish Salmon, fresh Panamanian Rainbow Trout and fresh Irish Crabmeat. Tropical's products are free of antibiotics, growth promoters, preservatives or other chemicals and are delivered fresh daily. For more information call our 24/7 customer service team at 800.277.3459 or e-mail Tropical Aquaculture

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