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APR 2014

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52 SeaFood Business April 2014 Visit us online at Seafood Marketplace The Marine Products Export Development Athority Trust the Indian Seas, Where no season is slack, No Quantity short and No Quality second. Seafood at its best! MPEDA - INDIA Handy's "handcrafted" Fiesta Chipotle Fish Cakes in 2 oz. portions combine flaky pieces of Pacific cod, zesty chipotle peppers, black beans, corn and seasonings. Perfect for the popular small plates/sharing plates or as an appetizer or add-on. Call 800-426-3977 or visit Handy International Some Seafood Has All the Luck GUINNESS ® Distinctive Seafood pairs the delicate taste of Cod, Salmon, Tilapia and Shrimp with the world's #1 stout in our full line of battered, breaded and fame-seared selections. guinnessdistinctiveseafood High Liner Foods Capitalize on scallop's growing popularity across all menus. We offer the deepest portfolio of options, from premium domestic and Hokkaido Sea Scallops to Bay Scallops - all in convenient pack sizes at all price points. americanprideseafood High Liner Foods There is no difference between super frozen and fresh tuna. Rockleigh • New York • Miami Los Angeles • Hawaii Maguro International Anyone, anywhere can scan the bar code on our packages with a hand held device to identify the vessel name, FAO location of catch and chain of custody of the Platinum Chilean Seabass the package contains. Traceable & Sustainable Kendell Seafood Introducing Rebel Fish! Fresh salmon that's ready to eat in just 90 seconds. Rebel Fish comes pre-packed with 6 newly created rubs. These culinary- inspired favors provide restaurant quality meals at home with off-the- charts favor. Marine Harvest - Rebel Fish Sterling Salmon is hand-selected from the top percentage of our harvest. Our selection process surpasses industry premium to an elite luxury grade making Sterling the hallmark of exceptional quality salmon. Contact: Marine Harvest - Sterling Premium Mississippi Gulf Fresh Seafood comes straight from the heart of the Gulf. Find a supplier of high-quality shrimp, blue crab, oyster and finfish at Mississippi Seafood Morey's has over 75 years of experience in the seafood industry and offers a variety of value added fish and seafood products. Delicious, convenient and chef-inspired all in the comforts of home. Contact your Morey's Sales Team today! 1-800-327-9592 Morey's Seafood The highest quality lobster available supplied with professionalism.That's what domestic and international buyers can expect from Maine Coast. Every shipment. Every lobster. 1-855-363-0876 Maine Coast Logistics for the Seafood Industry From sea to serve, Lynden's new Cool Chain logistics service manages your seafood supply chain from start to finish. For all your transportation needs, we are here to serve as your shipping solution experts. 1-888-596-3361 Lynden

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