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JAN 2014

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Retail Report Hed here crab at home Cracking Dek household penetration, U.S. here 52 weeks ending Sept. 28 9% Holidays are crab days Crustacean sub-category posts 13 percent sales growth R etail numbers from the last year show crab has become a more popular option. During the 52 weeks ending Sept. 28, 2013, crustaceans was the fourth highest-selling seafood category. Crab (excluding fresh crabmeat) was the largest crustacean sub-category, accounting for 48.2 percent of crustacean dollar sales and 5.1 percent of total seafood department sales. During this period, crab posted average weekly sales of $344 per store, an impressive 13 percent growth compared Sales increase 13 percent Average weekly crab sales per store $500 2012 $400 2013 $300 $200 $100 $0 Central East South West Total to the previous year. Nine percent of U.S. households purchased crab from the seafood department during this period, and these households purchased crab on 2.4 trips per year, an increase of 1.8 percent. Nationally, crab sales were highest during the December/January holiday season. Te week of Christmas 2012 posted the highest crab sales with an average of $748 per store. Te week of the New Year's Eve holiday (the week ending Jan. 5, 2013) was the secondhighest selling week for crab, at $722 per store. Te week leading up to the Christmas holiday (the week of Dec. 22, 2012) was the third highest-selling week during the 52 weeks. Te lowestselling period for crab was the week ending Nov. 3, 2012. With the exception of the East, each of the U.S. regions posted average crab dollar growth of more than 10 percent during the 52-week period. Te Southern region posted the highest weekly crab sales among the U.S. regions with an average of $419 per store, an increase of 15.3 percent. Te Western region posted the lowest average weekly sales at $238 per store but had the highest average sales increase, up 22.5 percent compared to the previous year. Te East was the only region that did not increase crab sales from the previous year, however weekly sales remained steady at $363 per store. Crab was the highest-selling crustacean sub-category, followed by lobsters, crabmeat and crawfsh/crayfsh. Crab also posted larger dollar gains than any other crustacean sub-category. Crab rides the holiday sales train Total U.S. average weekly crab sales per store $800 2012 $700 2013 $600 $500 $400 $300 $200 13 -O 27 ct -O 10 ct -N 24 ov -N 8- ov D 22 ec -D 5- ec Ja 19 n -Ja 2- n F 16 eb -F 2- eb M 16 ar -M 30 ar -M 13 ar -A 27 pr -A 11 pr -M 25 ay -M 8- ay Ju 22 n -Ju 6- n Ju 20 l -Ju 3- l A 17 ug -A 31 ug -A 14 ug -S 28 ep -S ep $100 14 SeaFood Business January 2014 This sales review is provided by Nielsen Perishables Group. Based in Chicago, Nielsen Perishables Group specializes in measurement, analytics, marketing communications, category development, promotional best practices and shopper insights. FreshFacts Pointof-Sale Data: 52 Weeks Ending Sept. 28, 2013, key U.S. grocery, mass/ supercenter and club chains. FreshFacts® Shopper Insights Powered by Spire: Latest 52 weeks ending Sept. 28, 2013, grocery channel only.For more information, contact Haley Hastings at Nielsen Perishables Group: (773) 929-7013, email: Haley. Visit us online at

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