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DEC 2013

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Top Story High prices are making restaurant buyers think twice about shrimp. reporter requests for interviews). "As a company we decided that we didn't want to pass this cost on to our fans and instead opted to temporarily take it of the line. Until we are able to bring it back we encourage all of our fans to try one of our many other bowl combinations, with so many options the possibilities are endless!!" But those endless possibilities are no substitute for shrimp. Several customers expressed their frustration in all caps and expletive-flled posts; others tried to fnd solutions to hasten shrimp's return to the menu. "Can you put the shrimp back by the grill and charge more for shrimp?" asked Kellie Einemo. "My family got shrimp there and now no one will go!" Tis time, the chain's Facebook administrator did not answer the question. The shortage Squeezed High prices fueled by a global shortage has shrimp buyers, importers stuck in a vise BY MELISSA WOOD M ajor world events now tend to unfold on social media. The global shrimp shortage is no exception. "Why did you guys take SHRIMP off the line! My husband won't let us come anymore," writes Stacie Rutledge on the Facebook page for Genghis Grill, a Dallas-based fast-casual chain with 70 locations. 18 SeaFood Business December 2013 In October and early November Rutledge and other Genghis Grill customers took to Twitter and the franchise's Facebook page after discovering they could no longer add their favorite protein to the chain's signature "build your own stir fry" dish. "Stacie, currently there is a global shrimp shortage because of problems with disease and years of overshrimping causing a huge price increase," wrote back a social media administrator for Genghis Grill, which is responsive to both positive and negative comments on the page (though not to Te news that there was a global shrimp shortage didn't reach most consumers until late summer or early fall when they discovered it missing from their Genghis bowls or read mainstream news stories about record-breaking prices. By then the shrimp shortage was well under way. After more than a decade of growth, worldwide shrimp production dropped from its peak of nearly 4 million metric tons in 2011: Supply fell 5.7 percent in 2011-12 and another 9.6 percent in 2012-13, according to a shrimp production review presented by the World Bank's James Anderson at the Global Aquaculture Alliance's GOAL 2013 held in Paris in October. But the most shocking numbers have been the prices. Visit us online at

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