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JAN 2013

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Editor���s Note Publisher Mary Larkin / Associate Publisher / Editor Fiona Robinson / Blue���n biopic Senior Editor, SeaFood Business James Wright / Assistant Editor, SeaFood Business Melissa Wood / B lue���n tuna is recognized around the world as the ultimate in culinary luxury. But to some it���s a sustainability nightmare akin to hunting the lions of the Serengeti. Tis issue���s Top Story by Senior Editor James Wright highlights the conundrum facing buyers when it comes to whether or not to sell the species. I attended a seminar at the Vancouver Seafood Summit in 2011 and got an overview of the challenges facing this giant ���sh, which has three distinct populations worldwide that struggles under mismanagement by ���shermen and politicians. Jamie interviewed folks who show optimism that management changes are slowly happening. Some white-tablecloth chefs have taken a stand against serving blue���n, but it will clearly take time to turn around management of a species that has had a huge black market trade. A comment that rang true in Vancouver and remains with me today is that ���sheries managers lack the political will to make drastic cuts to harvest quotas necessary to rebuild the blue���n population. How do you teach someone to have political will? What are your thoughts on blue���n? Share them with us on Twitter @SeaFoodBusiness or on Facebook @SeaFoodBusinessMagazine. Online Editor, SeafoodSource Sean Murphy / Assistant Editor, SeafoodSource April Forristall / Contributing Editors Christine Blank, Chris Dove, Anthony Fletcher, Joanne Friedrick, Jason Holland, Lauren Kramer, Chris Loew Production Director Randy LeShane / Art Director Laura Lee Dobson / Production Associate Doug Stewart / Production Web Designer Katie Emery / Advertising Coordinator Wendy Jalbert / ADVERTISING SALES Sue Kogan, Sales Manager U.S. East Coast/Europe (305) 598-0757 / Marjorie Ferris, Sales Manager U.S. West Coast/Asia/South America (207) 842-5631 / Letter to the Editor Fraud, poor quality hurt consumption (Re: Sales inertia, December SFB page 20) I am of the opinion that price has nothing to do with seafood consumption in the United States. Te problem is poor quality seafood being sold or served. I have been in the seafood business since 1975, starting on the Boston Fish Pier. Tree or four years ago, my wife bought some Chilean sea bass from the supermarket. It was fantastic. A few weeks later we bought some more and when it was cooked, you could not cut through it with a knife. Tis was due to the ���sh being over processed with STPP (sodium tripolyphosphate) by the vendor to increase the weight with water. Te moral of the story? We have not eaten Chilean sea bass since. Tis is a very common story among consumers. Too many times their seafood experience is hit or miss. Tis is the U.S. Food and Drug Administration���s fault. Tey have never set standards for moisture levels for imported ���sh and they do not test for moisture. As long as they refuse to test for excessive moisture, seafood consumption will keep going down. Also, the chef interviewed [Je��� Tunks of Passion���sh] said that he paid $17 for halibut and still put out dinners for $23-$24. I applaud him for serving ���sh people can enjoy. In the long run, he will make out because of it. Even though he probably puts 8 ounces on the plate not 16 ounces so he���s not doing so bad. Year after year in Great Britain, the winners of the best ���sh and chip competitions are the ���chippies��� that use FAS ���sh. Fair-priced quality seafood will beat cheap, over-soaked ���sh every time. ��� Joe Curley, VP-sales and procurement, The Hadley Co., Marion, Mass. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING SALES Wes Doane (207) 842-5496 / SALES FAX: (207) 842-5611 @SeaFoodBusiness, @SeafoodSource .com/SeaFoodBusinessmagazine DIVERSIFIED BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS 121 Free St., P.O. Box 7438 Portland, ME 04112-7438 (207) 842-5606 Fax: (207) 842-5603 Published by Diversi���ed Business Communications Publisher of National Fisherman and WorkBoat Copyright �� 2013 Diversi���ed Business Communications PRINTED IN U.S.A. Producer of The International Boston Seafood Show, Seafood Processing America, New England Food Show, European Seafood Exposition, Seafood Processing Europe, Asian Seafood Expo, Seafood Barcelona and Editorial Advisory Board DISTRIBUTION FOODSERVICE Rich Polins, North Coast Seafoods Jim Wallace, C&S Wholesale Grocers 4 RETAIL Robert Cerullo, Wakefern Food Corp. Jack Gridley, Dorothy Lane Market Roger Bing, Darden Restaurants Roger Berkowitz, Richard Vellante, Legal Sea Foods Steve LaHaie, Shaw���s Crab House Andrew Wilkinson, Skipjack���s SeaFood Business January 2013 Nancy Hasselback President/CEO Mary Larkin VP Seafood Expositions Liz Plizga Show Director, IBSS, ESE, SB Hilary Manning Sales Director, Seafood Expositions Karen Butland Sales Manager, IBSS Victoria Hennin VP Strategic Marketing and Business Intelligence (207) 842-5500 / Fax: (207) 842-5505

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